“Human race did not leave the stone age because we ran out of stones. We simply found a better way to do things.”

Absolute Mechanical is on the forefront of heating technology, focusing on energy efficiency and green initiatives for your boiler installation. We are committed to utilizing only the highest quality products and equipment manufactured, ensuring a superior installation in regard to both innovative function and impeccable design. We increase your property's value and offer quantifiable savings on your energy bills.  Our energy is clean and our systems are comfortable, quiet and reliable with even heat distribution. 

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Our Story

Gennady Tsakh
Gennady Tsakh is a Licensed Master Plumber with a degree in Engineering. Gennady studied Power Plant Engineering in Odessa National Polytechnic University. After graduating he worked as a Boiler Department Repair Manager at the Kishinev Power Plant in Moldova from 1982-1986. In 1986, Gennady went to work for The Power Plant Installation Corporation of Moldova where he worked until his departure to America in 1989.
In 1989, Gennady and his family moved to America where he worked at a large HVAC company as a boiler mechanic. Several years later, Gennady and his wife opened their own company with a focus on heating. G&T Mechanical Co Inc worked on many public and residential projects creating a great reputation in the industry.
In 2009, Gennady found a passion to rival his interest in Jiu Jitsu (Gennady is a black belt) and even Vinyl Record Collecting. He discovered the technology of High Efficiency Condensing Boilers. Starting Absolute Mechanical Co Inc., Gennady and his team went through training with most of the major manufacturers of high efficiency heating systems to become experts in their installation and repair. He is certified with Baxi, Viessman, Weil McLain and many others to install and repair their products. He has also become a trained and certified dealer and installer of the freewatt Micro-CHP system.
Spending his time reading manuals, studies, reports, and textbooks he has become a leading expert in the heating industry. He has studied the proper installation of a steam heating system and figured out how to successfully resolve the steam hammer issue that plagues Manhattan residents each winter. He has been able to save building owners up to 50% of their current utility bills by implementing his heating system designs with the use of high efficiency heating systems and proper installations.
The addition of Absolute Mechanical to the G&T Mechanical family signified a turning point for Gennady Tsakh and his company as well as the heating industry in New York.
Check out Gennady's Blog to learn more about efficient heating!
Gennady Tsakh's Blog 
Sasha Tsakh
Sasha Tsakh studied finance and marketing at Northeastern University, class of 2007. Upon graduation she was recruited to Societe Generale as a Market Risk Analyst. After 3 years of daily analysis of market movements and communicating with auditors she took an interest in her father's company. After hearing Gennady explain what his company was doing and how advanced the technology was she decided to leave the finance world behind and join her family in their business. She left Societe Generale in 2010 and began working for Absolute Mechanical. In Absolute Mechanical, Sasha liaisons with customers to ensure that all of their needs are met as well as growing the business on a daily basis. 

The Absolute Difference

The difference between Absolute Mechanical and the rest is that heating is our specialty and the focus of our experience. We promise quality installations with significant savings and comfort. We are not the "lower price leader" but we will promise to delivery top quality, lasting value and performance, savings, and longevity of your system. Our installations are full service and turn key because you have other things to worry about. Gennady is a licensed plumber with a degree in heating engineering. All of our installers and technicians have gone through the necessary training from the major manufacturers. We are the heating specialists they recommend. 
All our projects are handled with the extreme care and precision as well as a focus on high efficiency, savings, and comfort. We use only the highest quality materials and the latest technology. 
At Absolute Mechanical, we have a thoroughly trained staff and many installations to our credit. We have an excellent reputation based on these installations. 

Whether the job is a boiler replacement, a whole system over haul, a new radiant system, or correcting a previous job; Our greatest pride is in finding the best solution for each client and delivering a product that will continue to please and save, year after year. 

Absolute Mechanical believes that we must evolve as a company which is why we have become the leader in Green Energy Heating Solutions. We use only the highest efficiency products, when properly installed they will save you money and increase the value of your property! Absolute Mechanical makes sure of it. 
We will work with you to create the best heating and energy saving system for your needs. 
Your heating system isn't just a boiler, it's the nucleus of your home. It needs to be installed and maintained with proper knowledge and care. All of our installers and technicians have been through factory training and are certified by all major brands. 
To see the difference between our work and the rest please review our portfolio and take a peek at the Hall of Shame  

Heat Engineers and Specialist

Absolute Mechanical has an in-house engineering department taking care of the professional design of each individual system. This ensures the best results specific to each home in terms of performance, savings, comfort, and longevity. We have a proven track record of satisfied customers.   

We do not just install a boiler, instead we design and build a complex and sophisticated mechanical room which is computer controlled and incorporates the latest technology available today. Not every plumber or heating professional can replicate or service it. 

Our customers are not just buying a boiler, they are creating a long term relationship with us. There are special requirements to the people who deal with this kind of equipment; knowledge of combustion theory, hydraulics, controls, electronic and electricity, heat transfer theory, etc. 

Your heating system must be custom tailored to your home and when installed properly it should give unprecedented comfort and savings. Do not settle for just a boiler installation and give up all the benefits of a proper Absolute Installation.