Heat Engineers and Specialist

Absolute Mechanical has an in-house engineering department taking care of the professional design of each individual system. This ensures the best results specific to each home in terms of performance, savings, comfort, and longevity. We have a proven track record of satisfied customers.   

We do not just install a boiler, instead we design and build a complex and sophisticated mechanical room which is computer controlled and incorporates the latest technology available today. Not every plumber or heating professional can replicate or service it. 

Our customers are not just buying a boiler, they are creating a long term relationship with us. There are special requirements to the people who deal with this kind of equipment; knowledge of combustion theory, hydraulics, controls, electronic and electricity, heat transfer theory, etc. 

Your heating system must be custom tailored to your home and when installed properly it should give unprecedented comfort and savings. Do not settle for just a boiler installation and give up all the benefits of a proper Absolute Installation.