Oil to gas conversion with the installation of a new steam boiler and indirect hot water heater.

Description of the installation: Slant/Fin steam boiler; indirect hot water heater for domestic hot water production; thermostatic radiator valves on all the radiators to control heat and comfort per room; and redlink thermostat for control of the heat for the building.

Property Type: 5 unit + commercial building
Property Size: 7,451 sq ft
Fuel: Gas 
Boiler: Slant/Fin 300,000 BTU - Steam boiler
Domestic hot water: Indirect hot water heater
Additional Equipment:

  • There was an extension to the building that had hydronic heating, we repiped this to work properly off the steam boiler.

System: Steam
Average Monthly Fuel Bills: $700 in the winter months

Before: taking existing boiler apart

Before: gas fired hot water heater

Before: gas fired hot water heater