Boiler Maintenance

Boiler maintenance

Maintenance is necessarily to prevent failure and breakdowns as well as to prolong the life of your boiler and associated equipment. It is the owner's responsibility to review the owners manual upon completion of the boiler installation and ensure that the boiler is properly maintained. 

Boiler maintenance can be done monthly and annually. It must be done by a heating technician and professional.

Steam gas fired boilers: 
Monthly maintenance:

  • flushing low water cutoffs (not neccesary for probe type low water cutoffs)
  • checking low water cut offs operation
  • spill switch operation check up
  • draining boiler low points
  • check water quality (litmus paper test)
  • check water level sight glass for proper water level and cleanliness of the water
  • check for wet spots around boiler 
  • test boiler sump pump (if present)

Annual maintenance

  • same as above
  • perform combustion test
  • clean steam system
  • clean water level sight glass and replace rubber washers.
  • inspect air side of the boiler
  • clean float type low water cut off
  • open, inspect, clean all control piping at the boiler if necessary, including pigtails 
  • inspect burners
  • blow down boiler under a pressure
  • check all electric connections
  • run system through full cycle and observe boiler operation, pressure controls, and settings
  • test pressure relief valve
  • check base of the chimney and the chimney