Stories from the field - missing valves and drains

We often see boilers that are missing very important valves and drains which would prohibit proper maintenance from being performed. Many times the owners tell us that the boiler has had maintenance performed every year like clockwork. However, when we look at the boiler they are missing key components that would allow for maintenance to be performed.  Below is just one example. We were requested to replace a leaking coil in the boiler and noticed there were no drains installed on the boiler. 

We wondered, how does the maintenance company blow down low points to remove sediments from boiler if there is no portal for this to be done. After we opened the boiler to replace the coil and saw what was inside we realized the simple answer was, they didn't.

This is what was found on the water side of the boiler. This layer effectively isolates flame from the water and reduces boiler efficiency drastically.