The Williams pipeline and potential moratorium on oil to gas conversions in NYC

Below is a summary from Politico regarding the Williams pipeline and the utility company’s options if the pipeline is not approved. While it is still unclear if a moratorium on new gas lines will be implemented, it is still a possibility.

With this new information, what are the options to the homeowner in these areas who is currently on oil?

Well, you don’t have to wait for electric or the moratorium to be over to make your system more efficient and save money. While in the past, oil was more expensive than gas and a conversion was the biggest way to save, current upgrades in the heating industry have provided products that can save you money and provide great comfort without having to go through a big conversion.

You can upgrade your heating system while keeping the same boiler. A few simple modifications and some attention to your existing boiler can extend the lifespan of your current oil boiler. We will be posting these various options in a separate blog post over the next few days.

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