How to adjust danfoss thermostatic radiator valve (TRV)

Number 1 and number 3 represent pointers. Depending on how you look at the valve you turn handle with numbers 2 and 4 on dial to align with pointers. You have to align number on scale 2 with pointer 1 or number on scale 4 to align with pointer 3. These 2 scales are identical and you can use either one of them. The number you pick represents temperature in the room. Start with number we set for you. We picked starting point for you. Try it for a day. The day must be chilly, like 50F or lower outside temperature. Do not do it when it is warm outside. If you feel cold go up 1/4 of the space between 2 numbers to the time. If warm lower setting 1/4 of the space between numbers. Try it for another day. Do not go to extreme setting either way right away. Your body has to accommodate to room conditions. It is different type of heating and you will love it when you find proper setting.