East 51st Street - COMPLETED

We are very excited to announce that we have completed our oil to gas conversion for a 39 unit steam building in Manhattan. Details about the building and project are in our "Steam Heating Projects" section of the website - http://www.absolutemechanicalcoinc.com/east-51st-street-steam-boiler/

This project had to occur in phases because the utility required an upgrade of the gas line. Upgrade of gas service is a long process that can take about 6 - 12 months. Depending on the space available, this can extend the project completion even longer because the building can not be left without heat or hot water. Absolute Mechanical works within the space and capacity confines to either install a boiler alongside the old one so we can be ready for a switch over as soon as gas is available. 

Phase 1 of an installation of this size is to install TRVs and Master Vents throughout the building. This way the building begins saving on their fuel bills as soon as possible. Phase 2 is to install domestic hot water system. Phase 3 is to install the new boiler. Phase 4 is to connect to the new gas line and turn on the new heating system. 

Images below: Viessmann with tanks for domestic hot water and HB Smith boiler for domestic steam heating.