Jobs in Progress - West 88th Street - Update - more pictures to come

We are continuing our conversion from an electric heating system to a gas hydronic heating system in a brownstone on West 88th Street. To see the boiler portion of this project please check out our blog post - 

We installed the boiler while we waited for the utility to bring gas into the building. Once we had gas and a meter we began the installation of the heating system throughout the house. We are removing the existing electric baseboards and installing cast iron radiators. We were able to do this in the winter by making the boiler go live before the heating system installation began. As each radiator was installed, it was turned on. Construction was performed while the apartment was occupied. Below are pictures of the protection of the property which was removed every evening and replaced every morning. 

Some of the pipes are capped because we are waiting for the next phase to begin. The next phase is bringing the pipes to the top floor.

We will be updating this post with pictures as the installation progresses.